Over The Edge

Sun August 15, 2021 Madison, WI 53703 US Directions


  1. Who can go Over the Edge?

    • Anyone of any age can participate in Over the Edge as long as they weigh between 100-300 lbs. Participants under 18 will need a parent or guardian’s written permission to rappel. 

  2. What is the fundraising deadline? 

    • The deadline to raise $1,000 to qualify to go Over the Edge is August 15, 2021. However, to allow enough time to schedule all of our Edgers, we will be basing scheduling on funds raised by August 8. Participants who would like to guarantee their spot to go Over the Edge can complete a Credit Card Guarantee, which permits us to charge the difference if you don’t make the $1,000 fundraising minimum. Those who fill out a Credit Card Guarantee will have one full month after the event to fundraise; credit cards will be processed on Wednesday, September 15. Note: any special prizes the top two fundraisers are awarded will be based on funds raised by August 8th.

  3. What should I wear?

    • You’re going to be walking down the side of a building so wear good shoes. Well-fitting sneakers, light hiking boots, or other soft-soled shoes are recommended. No sandals, slip-on shoes, slippers, flip flops, high heels, or steel toed boots are allowed. Athletic pants, tights and jeans are suitable, while shorts should not be worn. The harness goes around your legs, waist, and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything bulky. Shirts should be comfortable and without draw cords. Long hair should be tied back. Note: You will be required to leave items like keys, cell phones, or jewelry that can be dropped or get caught on things with a staff member at Registration. You will be given a pair of leather gloves and a helmet for your use during the rappel.

  4. Do I need to have experience to participate?

    • Not at all! Whether you are a professional rock climber or if you had to look up the word “rappel”, you can go Over the Edge. Before the rappel, each participant will be taught how to use the gear they are wearing, and instructed on safety procedures by the Training Manager. 

  5. Can I wear a costume?

    • Absolutely! Costumes are allowed but are subject to the same limitations as baggy clothing. Every attempt will be made to safely fit costumes around harnesses and helmets. As with shorts, it is ultimately the decision of the Site Safety Supervisor. Stringy, loose, or excessive costumes must be avoided. Head pieces that will not accommodate a helmet, obscure the vision, or are notably large or heavy will rarely be allowed.

  6. Is it safe?

    • YES! Your safety and the safety of our event is Over The Edge's number one priority. OTE adheres to the most stringent safety protocols and their event staff are all highly trained and certified industrial rope specialists. The Madison Hilton Monona Terrace has undergone a comprehensive Site Inspection by Over the Edge Global, and passed the inspection with flying colors! To date, over 70,000 people have gone over the edge and 100% of them made it down safely.

  7. Can I bring my cell phone?

    • Sorry. No phones, cameras, etc. are allowed on the roof (for safety reasons.) These will be left in a secure location at our Registration desk. GoPro cams that can be safely attached to the helmet are permitted if you have one. Or you can meet the $2,500 fundraising goal to use ours! 

  8. What COVID precautions are being taken?

    • Over The Edge has developed a detailed, on-site safety plan for OTE events that follow all CDC and state social distancing and group gathering restrictions. Participants will be given more details on COVID-specific safety protocols closer to the event date.

  9. Can I wear my GoPro?

    • Go for it! If you have your own GoPro that will attach to the helmets used by Over The Edge, and would like to wear it, you certainly can! If you don’t have a GoPro, but would like one, raise $2,500 or more and we will set you up with one of ours! 

  10. What can I do to practice?

    • While it is NOT necessary that you do not need to practice, or have experience/skills of any kind to go rappel, you can test your abilities by going climbing with our friends at Boulders Climbing Gym! 

  11. Can I participate if I have a disability?

    • This event is designed to be inclusive, meaning that persons with disabilities are able and encouraged to participate. Over The Edge can accommodate almost all special needs; however, they will need to know the details of your needs beforehand in order to properly prepare.

    • Some special needs (such as a wheelchair rappel for example) require specific gear to be shipped in addition with the regular gear. Please note that some special needs rappels take up more than 1 Edger spot. For persons with disabilities, please be sure to contact us and explain the nature of your disability at least 60 days in advance of the event so this information can be provided to the Over The Edge staff to ensure they have the necessary equipment required for Rappelers with special needs. For more information on Over the Edge’s Special Needs accommodationscontact Jenny at jenny@gildasclubmadison.org.

  12. How does parking work on event day? 

    • Rappellers may park in the hotel ramp and will receive a parking validation card at Registration. Validation is available for one car per rappeller.

  13. What should I do when I arrive on event day? 

    • Enter the front doors of the hotel and come through the doors on the left. (Or, if coming up from the parking ramp on the elevator, turn toward the street side and look for a door to your right.) You may want to leave your valuables with a loved one prior to registering. Otherwise, our Registration desk will happily hold onto your valuables while you rappel.

  14. How can my family and friends be involved on event day?

    • Family and friends of rappellers may be limited this year due to social distancing needs. We ask that family and friends stay in the socially distanced seating near Registration, or outside, while they wait for their loved one's rappel to begin. Space is limited. Standing space near the fountain is ideal for family and friends who have a rappeller currently on the ropes. Please take care to not block Madison Club entryways or public sidewalks.

  15. Will you have snacks or water available for us?

    • Light snacks, water, and coffee will be available for rappellers in the Staging Area on the 14th floor. Registration must be complete and hand stamped to be admitted. Water is also available on the Landing Pad for rappellers and their loved ones.

  16. What should I do when I finish my rappel?

    • When you have completed your rappel and have removed your gear, return to Registration to retrieve your personal items. (And event t-shirt if you choose not to rappel down wearing it.)

  17. What will the emcee say about me as I rappel down the building?

    • You have the opportunity to provide a brief statement during the online registration process. If you do not provide a statement for the Emcee to say as you rappel down, one will be provided for you based on your fundraising page statement.

  18. How can I share my event photos? 

    • If you have photos that your friends and family have taken during the event, please share them on social media and tag #GildasClubMadison as well as using the hashtag #OverTheEdgeMadison.


Contact Jenny Arneson at (608)828-8878 or jenny@gildasclubmadison.org

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